Intensive Course

This 3 month Intensive course is for people who are very serious about their transformation into masters of their fate. It takes 66 days to change any habit and let your brain to rewire completely to forge in the new one.

This is the scientific model is the foundation of our method to change your life. One of our coaches will be with your on daily basis for 3 months of your life. They will take some time to assess your current habits and your overall situation.

Depending on your goals and dreams for the future they will help you to imprint very new positive and empowering habits to build upwards spiral when it comes to your skills, confidence and emotional control.

Once 3 months period is done by constant repetition your brain will be already used to and adapted to your new routine and lifestyle.

Your friends and family might not recognise how much you grew in only 3 months period.

For more information about this product please don’t hesitate to contact us further on we will be more than happy help you.

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